Sunday, February 22, 2009

YUMMM...coconut juice drink


The Bahamas was a blast except for the fact that Stu and I were in the sun way too long! We went to Paradise Island and the beach there. about clear blue water! The lows for the Bahamas in the winter is 80 degrees...that's our summer in Idaho. We went swimming in the ocean, shopping at their little flea market stands they had everywhere. After that wonderful day the last day and a half Stu and I were miserable! My face was swollen from the sun, Stu's legs killed him and could not sleep Saturday night. Advice: wear sunscreen and apply hourly! :) When we returned from the trip, Tate was elated to see us! That was so memorable and just feels you up with the utter most happiness! I love that little man!

Our Anniversary Getaway!

Stu and I went to Florida and the Bahamas just recently. Stu suprised me with this trip for Christmas and had it all planned out for us to leave in February. We arrived in Florida and one of the first things we did was headed to Walt Disney World's water parks. It was a blast...i'm ashamed to say though...over the years I have become more of a nancy. I was pretty scared to go down the steep slide, but after awhile I talked myself into it. Stu and I just ran around the park like little kids again going down one slide after the other. As you can tell, we did not take Tate. My dear family and my best friend took Tate during the 6 days of our adventure. We missed him so much, but we were grateful for the break!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stu, Tate, and I are best friends! Tate continues to shoot everything in sight and loves the reactions he receives from others. He is in nursery now and is not enjoying that concept as well as I would have hoped. Instead of being the active boy he is at home, he tends to draw close to the nursery leader with his blanket and thumb in his mouth. He loves his Dad and Mom and cries everytime ones of us puts on our coat/shoes. He always wants to go Bye-Bye and be the first one out the door. He is saying more and more words, one of them being "more" which happens to be my favorite so I know what he wants. He is our bundle of joy and the smiles keep on coming!

Our Happy Family!